Trooper Charles P. Corbin -- Badge #99

Trooper Charles P. CorbinOn September 15, 1943, Trooper Charles P. Corbin was on patrol accompanied by Public Service Commission Inspector Ed Bilyeau north of Carthage on U.S. Highway 71 when a transport truck and trailer traveling on the wrong side of the roadway struck his patrol car. Tpr. Corbin met the truck on a bridge as the truck struck the bridge and jackknifed into the path of the patrol car. Tpr. Corbin was killed instantly and Inspector Bilyeau was critically injured. The driver of the truck, Alfred Vastings, was held and charged with manslaughter, but the charge was dismissed.

Trooper Charles P. Corbin, 27, was the fourth officer to be killed in the line of duty. He was survived by his wife and a son. (His son, G. Paul Corbin, became a member of the Patrol in 1966, and retired as a captain in 1994.)


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