2023 Course Information

General Information
Dress Code

Crash Investigation Programs

Advanced Crash Investigation April 24-May 5
Basic Crash Investigation February 27-March 3
Crash Reconstruction August 21-September 1
Crash Reconstruction Retraining February 15-17
Motorcycle/Pedestrian Crash Investigation June 12-16

Criminal Investigation Programs

Basic Narcotics Investigation July 24-28 FULL
Crime Scene Investigation October 2-6 FULL
Criminal Investigation July 31-August 4 FULL
Criminal Patrol Open to Highway Patrol members ONLY May 15-19
Drug Interdiction Assistance Program May 23-25  CANCELLED
Interview and Interrogation June 26-30

Instructor Development Programs

Emergency Vehicle Operation Course (EVOC) Instructor

April 17-21  FULL

October 9-13 FULL

Firearms Instructor

March 20-31  FULL

September 11-22 FULL

PhaseLine X Defensive Tactics Instructor Course September 11-15
Police Instructor

October 23 - November 3 FULL

Radar/Laser Instructor January 30 - February 3
SFST Instructor June 12-16 FULL

Management Development Programs

Executive Development

December 11-15

First-Line Supervision

February 20-24

May 8-12 FULL

September 11-15 FULL

November 13-17 FULL

Internal Affairs For Law Enforcement March 13-17
Management Development April 18-21

Police Leadership - West Point Model OPEN TO MSHP PERSONNEL ONLY

Three one-week-per-month sessions for each class


March 20-24

April 24-28

May 22-26


September 18-22

October 16-20

November 13-17

Technical Programs

Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE)

January 17-18 CANCELLED

May 30-31 FULL

September 7-8

November 29-30

Advanced Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)

September 5

September 8

Basic Entry Tactical Officer May 8-12 FULL
Basic Executive Protection School

October 2-6

Blood Alcohol Content (Type II - Intoximeter DMT) MSHP Members Only

August 8-17

Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) (Application deadline January 8)

April 10-21

Emergency Vehicle Operation Course (EVOC)

April 3-7  FULL

September 18-22 FULL

Emergency Vehicle Operation Course II (EVOC)

Not Offered in 2023

Field Training Officer (FTO)

February 6-9

October 10-13

Missouri Cadet Patrol Academy TBD
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Provider (TECC)

September 4 FULL

September 7 FULL

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Provider (TECC) Train The Trainer

September 6-8 FULL

Technical: Swimming/Boating

Basic Boat Operation

March 28-30 FULL

September 26-28 FULL

Basic Swimming December 4-6
Ice Rescue Training TBD
Marine Enforcement Open to Highway Patrol members ONLY April 24 - May 19
Open Water Swimming Open to Highway Patrol members ONLY September 6
Survival Swimming Open to Highway Patrol members ONLY November 20-21
Swiftwater Rescue

June 12-15

Swiftwater Rescue II

Not offered in 2023

Swimming - Stroke Development Open to Highway Patrol members ONLY

March 1-3

December 6-8