Programs and Services

Boater Safety Education

The Water Patrol Division administers Missouri's boater safety education program. Missouri law states any person who operates a vessel on the lakes of this state shall possess a boating safety identification card. Certified courses are available at the following link: Certified Courses

Navigational Aids/Regulatory Markers

The Water Patrol Division is responsible for establishing a marking system compatible with the system of aids to navigation prescribed by the United States Coast Guard. The division permits buoys and/or signs to assist boaters in safely navigating Missouri waterways. Additional information on the division's buoy program may be accessed at the following link: Buoy Program

Regatta Permits

The Water Patrol Division is tasked with the permitting of regattas (marine events) on Missouri waterways. These type events include fishing tournaments, poker runs, boat races, firework displays, and other organized events which effect navigation on our waterways. The link to the additional information on regatta permitting is located below: Regatta Permitting

Dive Team Services

The Water Patrol Division coordinates the operations of the Patrol's Dive Team. The team consists of approximately 14 troopers statewide. The supervisor and assistant supervisor of the Dive Team are assigned to the division, while the remaining members perform dive duties in addition to their primary assignments. The Dive Team utilizes advanced techniques to recover the victims of boating accidents, drownings, and property/evidence associated with investigations.

Oversight of Patrol Marine Duties

The Water Patrol Division provides oversight of the Patrol's overall marine mission. The division works closely with the individual troops to ensure quality marine services are provided on Missouri waterways. Marine troopers are directly supervised by the troops where they live and work. The Water Patrol Division also coordinates marine training in conjunction with the Patrol's Training Division.