MO Press Association Honors Patrol's 75th Anniversary

MPA Award

Missouri Press Association President, Steve Oldfield presents Colonel Jim Keathley with a marble plaque commemorating the Patrol's 75th Anniversary at the MPA's 140th Annual Convention.

On Friday, September 15, 2006, the Missouri Press Association recognized the Missouri State Highway Patrol's 75th Anniversary at a luncheon ceremony during the MPA's 140th Annual Convention held at the Lodge of the Four Seasons in Lake Ozark, Missouri. Doug Crews, executive director of the Missouri Press Association, read the marble plaque to those in attendance. The plaque reads: "The Missouri Press Association and Missouri Newspapers Salute Members of the Missouri State Highway Patrol for 75 Years of Tradition. Since Its Founding on September 14, 1931, The Missouri State Highway Patrol Has Provided Dedicated Service and Protection To the Citizens of Our State. Proudly Presented to the Highway Patrol With Our Thanks."

Following the presentation, Col. Keathley thanked the MPA for their past support and cited the support of Governor Henry Caulfield, Attorney General Stratten Shartel, the Automobile Club of Missouri, the Missouri State Highway Commission, the Missouri Banker's Association, and a majority of the metropolitan newspapers in 1931, as contributing to the creation of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

"The Missouri Press Association and Missouri newspapers have been instrumental in assisting the Patrol to educate the motoring public on the "Move Over" law since its inception in 2002," stated Colonel Keathley. "We lost two of our troopers in 2005, just because someone failed to pay attention and move over for the stationary emergency vehicle. Missouri's media has helped inform the public about this law. Because of this, we've seen many motorists change their driving habits when approaching emergency vehicles. Since 1931, the Patrol has enjoyed a great working relationship with the newspapers of Missouri. We look forward to continuing this relationship."