Public Information/ Education-History

The Public Information and Education Division prepares and disseminates information concerning the Patrol to the public via the media; fields questions from the public and the media on variety of topics related to the Patrol and its mission; and provides educational programs throughout the state. This division also coordinates the activities of the public information and education officers assigned to each troop.

The Public Information and Education Division coordinates the activities of the Safety Education Center. To schedule the 1959 Dodge Patrol Car for exhibit or a parade, please contact your nearest Missouri State Highway Patrol troop headquarters and ask to speak with the Public Information and Education officer.

  • To Schedule a Tour in the Safety Education Center -- 573-526-6149

  • To Schedule the 1959 Dodge Patrol Car or to Schedule a Safety Program in the Following Troops
  • Troop A Area -- Contact Sergeant Bill Lowe or Sergeant Andy Bell -- 816-622-0800
  • Troop B Area -- Contact Sergeant Eric Brown -- 660-385-2132
  • Troop C Area -- Contact Corporal Dallas Thompson or Corporal Juston Wheetley -- 636-300-2800
  • Troop D Area -- Contact Trooper Sam Carpenter -- 417-895-6868 0r
  • Sergeant John H. Lueckenhoff -- 417-359-1500
  • Troop E Area -- Contact Sergeant Clark Parrott -- 573-840-9500
  • Troop F Area -- Contact Sergeant Scott White -- 573-751-1000
  • Troop G Area -- Contact Sergeant Jeff Kinder-- 417-469-3121
  • Troop H Area -- Contact Sergeant Jake Angle-- 816-387-2345
  • Troop I Area -- Contact Sergeant Mike Mitchell-- 573-368-2345
  • Drug and Crime Control -- Contact Sergeant Shawn Griggs-- 573-751-3452


  • Division Director
  • Captain John J. Hotz

  • Assistant Division Director
  • Lieutenant Collin M. Stosberg

  • Contact Info
  • Phone: (573) 526-6115
  • Fax: (573) 526-6383