Budget and Procurement Division-History

This division is responsible for the preparation of the Patrol's annual operating budget, presenting its requests to the governor and state legislature and ensuring that all funding received is spent appropriately. In addition to state money, the Patrol also operates under federal funding, and the division oversees the proper administration of those federal grants.

As the Patrol's accounting office, division personnel are responsible for the organization's purchasing, accounts payable, and accounts receivable functions, as well as the tracking of all fixed assets. Employees' payroll, insurance, and worker's compensation benefits are coordinated here, and any new legislation that could affect the Patrol is carefully studied in this division to determine any potential fiscal impact.

In addition, the division runs a substantial warehouse operation, providing equipment and supplies for the General Headquarters complex and the Patrol's 9 troops around the state. The warehouse also houses a print shop, which produces forms and brochures on a variety of law enforcement topics, not only for the Patrol but for outside agencies as well.


  • Division Director
  • Captain Mike Watson

  • Assistant Division Director
  • Brent Miller

  • Contact Info
  • Phone: (573) 526-6112
  • Fax: (573) 751-9910