Budget and Procurement Division-History

Budget and Procurement Division

The division prepares and presents the Missouri State Highway Patrol budget requests to the governor. It analyzes Patrol expenditures to identify trends that need to be included in future budget requests. The division maintains records of all expenditures incurred and all revenue received by the agency during the year, and uses this information in preparing future budget requests and to provide information for the state auditor. Division personnel also coordinate the Patrol’s fiscal response to legislation filed by the members of Missouri’s General Assembly.


This section prepares financial projections, and reports, as well as performs budget maintenance and analysis. Division personnel oversee accounts payable and accounts receivable for the Patrol, including the processing of vendor payments, employee expense, and uniform allowance reports. In addition, employees are also responsible for deposits made for the Patrol.


The grants section is the central point of contact for the Patrol’s grants program. Personnel assigned are responsible for the coordination of all grant-related activities for the Patrol, including the identification of alternate funding sources, facilitation of grant applications, monitoring of in-house grant activities, and administration of sub-awards.

Supply and Procurement

The supply and procurement section coordinates Patrol purchases. Section personnel maintain a stock of necessary supplies and issue them as needed to agency employees throughout the year. The section maintains an inventory record of assets owned by the Patrol. Section personnel also produce forms, brochures, and other printable material in line with the operation of the Patrol for use by people inside and outside the organization.


  • Division Director
  • Captain Mike Watson

  • Assistant Division Director
  • Michelle Pruitt
  • Lieutenant Matt Broniec

  • Contact Info
  • Phone: (573) 526-6112
  • Fax: (573) 751-9910