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SAC Completed Projects

Sex Offender Absconder Study

The SAC collaborated with the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice to study Missouri’s non-compliant and absconder sex offenders to develop a predictive statistical model to assist law enforcement agencies to prevent future absconding or failure to register. The report can be accessed here

Crime Victimization Survey

The SAC partnered with the University of Missouri to conduct the state’s first crime victimization survey. The state of Missouri offered a unique location for conducting a survey; with a broad range of diverse cultures, political ideologies and a variety of geographic subdivisions. The survey provided insights on intimate partner violence, neighborhood trust/safety/fear, and perceptions of law enforcement. This survey was fully funded through a grant awarded by the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics. The reports can be accessed by clicking on each report’s name.

Missouri State Highway Patrol DWI Stops Study

In the fall of 2015 the SAC obtained GIS software thanks to a grant provided by the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics. This new software allows the SAC to begin conducting geospatial analysis. This study focuses on drinking and driving behavior in Missouri by analyzing DWI stops and how they correlate with the characteristics of a geographic area.
The report can be accessed here

Domestic Violence Study

Thanks to a grant through the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics, the SAC along with a team of researchers from Missouri State University conducted a research project on domestic violence in the state of Missouri. Offenders who repeatedly commit domestic violence are a particular concern. The goal of this project was to assist law enforcement officials and policymakers by providing the factors surrounding the rearrests of domestic violence offenders.
The report can be accessed here