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Missouri State Highway Patrol
Civilian, Uniformed Civilian and Temporary Employment
Application Information

This information is provided to assist you in applying for a Civilian, Uniformed-Civilian, or Temporary position with the Missouri State Highway Patrol. It does not pertain to the Trooper Selection Process.

Position Vacancies

All civilian and uniformed civilian and temporary vacancies are posted for a minimum of ten working days on the Missouri Department of Public Safety and Missouri State Highway Patrol Internet web sites, at each MSHP troop headquarters, and General Headquarters. Occasionally, positions may also be placed in the Sunday edition of local newspapers.

Application Procedures

The Missouri State Highway Patrol only accepts applications for vacant positions that are posted by the Human Resources Division.  Applications can be mailed, emailed, faxed or may be obtained at any patrol headquarters.

Individuals interested in applying for a posted vacancy should contact the facilitator assigned to the posting to request an Application for Employment and copy of the Job Opportunities Bulletin/Job Description(s) for the vacancy(s).  Applicants interested in positions which require a college degree must also submit a copy of their college transcripts with the completed application.  A resume will not be accepted/substituted for the application.  Individuals who wish to apply for more than one vacancy must ensure each vacant job title is listed on the application.

Individuals applying for a position which requires a typing score must complete a typing test at their local Missouri Career Center, and submit a copy of the typing score with the completed application.

Individuals who have completed an application for a position within the last six months may request their application be pulled for consideration by contacting the facilitator for the vacant position. If an application is older than six months, the applicant must submit a new application.

Screening Process

When a position closes, all submitted applications that meet the minimum qualifications will be reviewed by the Human Resources Division facilitator (if the vacancy exists at General Headquarters) or the troop facilitator (if the vacancy exists at a troop headquarters). Applications are evaluated against specific qualifications and requirements for the vacant position.

Often, many applicants meet the minimum qualifications. When this occures, applications must be further reviewed and specific knowledges, skills and abilities must be considered.

For example, numerous applications may be received for the positions of Clerk Typist and Driver Examiner. Only a small number will be selected for an interview. Applicants are encouraged to complete the Application for Employment as thoroughly as possible, attaching additional pages if necessary.

Interview Process

Individuals selected for interviews for all non-professional civilian, non-professional uniformed-civilian, and professional positions must undergo a panel interview. This interview panel normally consists of three board members who ask job-related interview questions to each applicant (A facilitator will be available to answer any questions from the applicant, reference the Highway Patrol benefits, salary, probationary period, etc.). The interview process takes 30 - 60 minutes, depending on the position.

Interviews for temporary positions are done in a one-on-one format with the troop commander or division director.

Notification To Applicants

Only individuals who are personally contacted for employment testing and/or final interviews are notified of the final selection decision.

Application Retention

Applications for civilian, uniform-civilian, and temporay positions will be held on file for six months. Applicants may request their application be pulled for vacancy(s) during the six month time-frame by contacting the facilitator assigned to the vacancy. Individuals with applications currently on file should advise the facilitaor of the location at which the most recent application was made.

Equal Employment/Affirmative Action

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is an Equal Employment/Affirmative Action Employer. No person shall be discriminated against because of race, color, national origin or ancestry, sex, age, religious convictions, veteran status, disability status, political beliefs, or other non-job related criteria.

Affirmative Action dictates that positive steps be taken to ensure that persons from all cultures of the community be represented in our workforce. We are further committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities be given the same consideration for employment as applicants without disabilities. If an applicant is disabled and needs assistance in accessing the application process, contact the Human Resources Division at telephone number (573) 526-6117. For hearing impaired applicants, the Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) telephone number is (573) 751-3313.

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